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If you are living in the Greater Toronto Area, you may have seen our Affordable Wildlife Removal company on social media or even servicing a wildlife issue in your area.

Our Toronto based wildlife company, loted near the North York area, has been in business since 2008 and specializes in humane animal removal. Our wildlife control experts provide professional services while rigorously following lol laws and humane practices and are advotes for the humane and ethil treatment of all animals, whether wild animals or domestic animals.

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Our wildlife control specialists offer a variety of humane wildlife removal services with long-term solutions like animal exclusion from entry points on the roof, and prevention services to stop further damage to property. We have a very high success rate resolving wildlife issues for homeowners in the city of Toronto.

Get A Complete Solution To Your Nuisance Animal Problem 

Achieving a wildlife-proof home all starts with the exterior inspection. Following the advice of our full service wildlife removal company will reduce the chance of a recurring critter problem, like a raccoon damaging vulnerable areas of the roof or a squirrel chewing electril wiring inside the attic.

Most homeowners know better than to attempt wildlife removal on their own. A wildlife problem is best left to the experts, but many homeowners will still try some DIY tips and tricks first. Read some of the best wildlife removal Toronto tips and familiarize yourself with the humane way to handle your pest problem.

We have great customer service and reasonably priced wildlife control for large jobs in Toronto, North York & East York, enabling you to affordably restore your property to a safe and comfortable environment.

FYI tip – Free on-site estimates mean paying the absolute highest industry prices, sometimes double or triple beuse those companies require you to do everything they suggested or they won’t start the job, they will simply head out to the next free inspection.

Wildlife Control Plans Using Bite Proof Prevention Screening

Even if your home or business is pest-free, you might want to consider the benefits of choosing a wildlife specialist for their expert control and prevention services to keep your property safe from harm. Our trained experts n identify those areas of your home or business that pose a risk and close them up to prevent an invasion of all wildlife species.


Why Should You Consider Hiring Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators, Rather Than The DIY Method?

Most homeowners experience at least one wildlife infestation in their lifetime when birds, raccoons, squirrels or skunks decide to move into their home or attic and take up residence.

While it is true that wildlife and humans have learned to cohabitate peacefully over the years, it still isn’t a safe or agreeable situation to have these pests living so close to your family. Some of these pests rry the rabies virus, and you risk getting it if the animal bites you. A wasp sting or attack could also lead to a dangerous health situation for example.

When Is The Right Time To Hire A Wildlife Management Company? 

There is no definitive answer to the question of when to hire an affordable wildlife removal company. Some factors you may want to consider are the vulnerability of the area where the animal damage is taking place, the value of the asset being damaged, and whether or not the job is small or large.

For example, if you have a living room ceiling that’s being damaged by raccoons, it may be more important to hire a wildlife control company sooner rather than later. Raccoons n use serious damage to insulation, and they n also be dangerous if they feel threatened. The animal may have babies that need a safe place to live. This n be an issue if the animals becomes aggressive or starts using your attic insulation as their own personal toilet.

On the other hand, if you have a small job like a raccoon under your shed, you may be able to take re of it yourself, or you may not re as much as long as they’re not the roof space. There are many resources available online about how to remove animals from your home without professional help.

Businesses Need to Act Fast Removing Unwanted Animals To Keep Employees & Customers Safe

Toronto is home to a diverse population of animals, both wild and domestic. While many people enjoy observing wildlife from a distance, there are also ocsions when animals n become a nuisance or even a danger to humans, property, and themselves. There are several reasons why businesses in Toronto may need to take action to remove unwanted wild animals. 

Public safety is the top priority for many businesses and organizations. Wild animals n pose a threat to human health and safety if they come into contact with people. They may also use damage to property or injure employees or customers.

Animal welfare is another important consideration. Unwanted wild animals n be dangerous or sick, and may suffer if they are not removed from an area and taken to animal re centers. It is also important to consider the impact of removing wildlife on the environment and other animal populations.

Each of the following different types of situations is a clear indition you have wildlife problems and that you need the services of an experienced, humane wildlife control company.

  • Nests: An ocsional appearance by a raccoon or a squirrel is nothing to worry about in most ses. However, if you notice that the animal is nesting in your yard or home, its presence could lead to damage to your property, particularly if it is building a nest for a litter of young in your attic or underneath your porch or deck.
  • Large numbers of wildlife: While you might be able to handle one Squirrel on your own, having a large number of them requires the services of a reputable wildlife removal company with good reviews.
  • Baby squirrels and raccoons may already be present depending on the time of year so hiring a Toronto wildlife removal company n avoid headaches. Considering a litter might produce between two to seven offspring on average you’ll want someone with years of experience and the right type of training to enter the attic space while the mother raccoon or squirrel is still there to retrieve all the babies by hand.
  • If you see wild animals frequently running around on top of your roof, the infestation is probably more than you n handle on your own. Since young wildlife typilly strikes out on their own after a year, having a repeat occurrence year after year indites that the problem has become a permanent one that needs professional wildlife control solutions.
  • Destruction of your property: If you notice damage to your home or outbuildings that seem to be increasing in magnitude, you should take action to have the wildlife removed from your property. Squirrels, in particular, n be quite destructive since they need to constantly chew on something to keep their growing teeth from becoming too long. 
  • Unfamiliarity: If some kind of animal has moved into the home that you nnot identify, you should contact a wildlife removal service to eliminate its presence. You never know how dangerous a pest is unless you n identify it. Having wildlife-resistant gates installed to block potential wildlife entry areas, along with one-way doors to allow the animals to safely exit is the professional way to evict wildlife.
  • Allergic Reactions: If someone in your home experiences sensitivity to animal dander, it is important to eliminate the possibility of triggering an unwanted asthmatic attack.
  • Risk of a Health Hazard: Allowing Raccoons, skunks, squirrels or bats to remain in your home or outbuildings year after year leads to a buildup of feces that contains dangerous bacteria.

Is Trapping & Reloting Raccoons A Good Idea Or Even Worth The Money?

The DIY method has landed many homeowners in hot water with animal control officers due to distressed or dead animals in traps. What you think is the best way and least costly way to handle wildlife conflicts may result in unexpected problems like fines or fees for emergency animal removal services.

Consider our best examples:

  1. What happens if you tch the non-target animals? We get lls on a regular basis, usually early in the morning asking “how much does it cost to come to release a skunk from a trap on our property”. Usually from a customer that attempted to pture a raccoon but now doesn’t want to get sprayed. This is a service we provide but it’s going to cost you our usual service fee.
  2. Also, the number of animals is usually more than you may think. Things may seem to be going according to plan after paying a wildlife company to tch and relote 2 or 3 nuisance raccoons for the price quoted, but when the 4th, 5th and 6th raccoons are still lingering around your property you may bail on the trapping idea after putting yourself out of pocket several hundred dollars and still have the same problem animal issue.
See AAA Affordable Wildlife Controls Cost To Do Raccoon Removal

Top 7 Wildlife Control Services & Inquiries From Customers

  1. How Much Does Our Wildlife Removal Services Cost  – Most customers want to know how much a raccoon removal service will cost them before settling on a wildlife control company? Prices n vary by hundreds of dollars from Toronto to Mississauga for similar services so we get a lot of lls from homeowners who want to compare our costs with pricing from an on-sits estimate they got from another company. 
  2. Do We Provide Wildlife Removal Services In Brampton – Yes, we service Brampton! Do you require raccoon removal or squirrel removal service near Brampton? Squirrels and raccoons are cute when they are on the outside of your home. Brampton area residents love to watch wildlife play and jump in their backyards, and hikers enjoy watching their antics. Word to the wise never ignores a squirrel or raccoon in the attic problem. Squirrels have been known to chew shingles, wires, and roof vents and use structural damage that n cost a lot to have repaired. There are humane squirrel and raccoon removal methods available when it’s baby season, so any time of the year is a good time to hire a Brampton wildlife removal company.
  3. n Bird Nest Removal Be Done Any Time Of The year – Birds such as Black Starlings and Pigeons are creatures of habit and will return to the same spot to nest and have babies. Open wall vents, exhausts, window ledges and gable ends that are left unscreened are an open invitation for pest birds to move in.
  4. n You Remove Skunk Smell? Skunk Control – Get prevention mesh Installation around weak spots on your deck that will last a long time. Deodorizing spray n break down and diminish the unpleasant odour. Commercial grade products are available online and n be found with a little research.
  5. Pest Control – The best pest control services will give you options and follow-up visits if the initial problem isn’t solved. Rat and mouse problems? We block access points using professional solutions without the use of poison.
  6. Wasp Nest Removal – Get one of the best prices to remove any visible wasp nest in Toronto. 
  7. Affordable Pest Control – When you ll a pest control company they tend to only use poison with no other options. We are not a pest control company and do not use poison. Read affordable pest removal tips and potentially fix the problem yourself. The pest control method that we use and recommend is a process lled exclusion rat control. This method is for when trapping and baiting alone hasn’t solved the rat problem

In conclusion, if you are experiencing any wildlife or pest problems in or around your home, please do not hesitate to contact our professional wildlife control service for a comprehensive inspection. We will be more than happy to help you take re of the problem and get rid of any unwanted guests from your home or place of business and ensure that your home is safe and secure.

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